New Year, New Possibilities

With the New Year upon us, millions of well-intending people are re-examining their lives in hopes of creating a better version of themselves in 2016. Losing weight, quitting smoking, getting a promotion, and other goals are set forth for the next calendar year. As if upon the shot of a starting pistol, the great resolution marathon begins on January 1st when the collective conscious of the nation wakes up to a fresh start at anything and everything. It’s a magical morning with many possibilities. How and why, then, do we go astray? Why do many of us lose track of the positive ideals with which we rang in the New Year?

I believe that the stress and worries of our daily lives greatly contribute to resolutions being left by the wayside. Often, our normal routines are difficult enough to maintain, let alone adding new challenges and changes to the grind. We try to keep up with chores around the house, our relationships with friends and family, work, school, etc. Then we throw in our new resolutions and require ourselves to work even harder to perfectly balance everything.

This is not to say that I don’t think New Year’s resolutions are a good thing. They’re a paradox in the way that the reason they’re so frustrating is the same reason they are beneficial. Resolutions force us to look at our lives and find ways to improve them; this can cause nervous breakdowns or epiphanies. People who embrace change easily will do better with resolutions than those that tend to cling to consistency, though everyone can gain something from simply considering what goals they might set for the New Year. In keeping with this idea, I’ve compiled a short list of some great websites with ideas for making and keeping New Year’s resolutions. Check them out and get inspired for 2016!


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100 Inspiring New Year’s Resolutions

Now that I’m steadily recovering from my transplant surgery and subsequent, sporadic weeks in the hospital, I’m starting to look towards my future, especially the coming year. I feel hopeful and excited going into 2016. My life is no longer so uncertain, as per my health had previously dictated; my new lungs will allow me to live a lengthy, meaningful life. I know that there is a purpose for my still being here, and I’m trying to decipher what that could entail. Setting some goals for the New Year will help me stay focused on my emotional growth and progressing toward resuming a productive existence. I can’t wait to see what great things will happen in 2016!


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2 Responses to New Year, New Possibilities

  1. barbara robbins says:

    Dear Lyn, Your letter is SO meaningful to me, again this time. I am on vacation in Rome NY at our youngest son’s home. His and his wife’s 2 kids are college age now and will leave us older adults home this evening. What a change from the gangs of family with whom we participated in years of yore.

    The magic goals I look forward to achieving in 2016 have to do with staying alive. I need not explain much of THAT to you, but the radiation oncologist we met a week or so ago used the “P” word on me, “palliative” and stated his trouble believing I am not dead. But, because that is the case, I now have the option of “blending” more alternative and less mainstream docs’ approaches. Therein lies my hope and faith, beside your encouraging thoughts and that of my experienced ND.

    That is GOOD news, both to and from you.

    I will be home to Iron River next week Wednesday! Then we get to plan a downstate visit the end of January to meet my newest great-grandson Noah, born Dec. 15, and to renew acquaintance with the holistic ND I’ve known 25 years, but not before as her patient. She will boost me in the ways of cancer healing known for over 2000 years, including frankincense, alkaline food, and oxygenating my cells.

    God continues to bless both of us, eh?

    “With friends intent on making a difference, one smile at a time.” –Barb Robbins

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